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Forging Traditions: Training the Trainers is a free four days workshop comprising of traditional Malay dance lessons aimed to be taught to training teachers, dance activists, students and those who are interested in learning and teaching traditional dances. This community programme sponsored by Sime Darby Foundation is to ensure that every aspiring dance artist at these institutions is given sound education about the nation’s traditional cultural diversity (especially in Malay dance). Malaysia’s Malay traditional dances are unique and ranges from court traditions, folk arts and dances rooted in rituals, with very few experts involved in these fields. Thus it is our aim to achieve excellence in dance through education and aspire towards higher standards. In this way, we can also work to keep these traditions alive.




Get Malaysia Dancing continues the effort in bringing dance to the community, this time focusing more on dance workshops, comprising of a wide range of dances practiced in Malaysia including Malay classical and folk dance, Bharatanatyam, Chinese classical and folk dance, as well as hip hop and contemporary dance. The workshop sessions are targeted towards creating understanding and appreciation for multiple cultures through dance, enabling deeper and more profound intercultural exchange through workshops and dialogue, promoting a culture of peace and acceptance through dance, and to encourage the release of emotion and energy through dance which promotes better quality of life and mental health.


Connecting Communities was the first in the series of community outreach projects in the form of dance workshops conducted by ASK Dance Company sponsored by Sime Darby Foundation. Connecting Communities aimed at promoting dance in Malaysia as well as the appreciation and understanding of cultures through dance, enabling talented individuals who are not able to afford formal training to experience dance, and to create a healthy environment by encouraging dance activities as a positive lifestyle choice. These aims are achieved by staging workshops and performances throughout the country that showcases Malaysia’s diverse cultures and multicultural heritage, and also engaging the young including the underprivileged by offering free workshops and interactive talks throughout the year. By combining performances with workshops, ASK Dance Company intends to engage the local communities through dance. By learning the form and context of the dances of the various ethnic communities, ASK Dance Company will be able to educate the youth to appreciate the multiple dance practices in our country.